Information for buyers

Bid & Hammer is keen to make the entire auction process as friendly and enjoyable as possible both to newcomers and old hands of the auction world. Below you will find a simple guide to the entire process from beginning to end. Please note this is intended only as a brief guide and we refer all prospective buyers to our Terms & Conditions of Sale for full and complete details of the process.

Purchasing item/s at B&H’s auctions

Buying at auction is also a at auctions is a simple process made easier by following the straightforward procedures below:

  1. B&H conducts auctions of paintings, sculptures, jewellery, silver, antiquarian books, manuscripts, sporting memorabilia etc.

  2. A comprehensive catalogue is produced a few weeks prior to each sale with each lot fully described and illustrated (however, the images of the item/s might be put up on the website as and when they become available). The estimated prices are also published however,is no indication of the reserve price (price below which B&H will not sell the item/s). The estimated prices are solely an indication of the opinion of B&H.

  3. The catalogue can be purchased from us at a nominal price when published. The catalogue is subject to the Terms & Conditions of Sale printed within. It is necessary to carry a catalogue giving right of entry for two to the relevant B&H auction. However, B&H reserves the right of admission to its previews and auctions and can, at its sole discretion, restrict entry of an individual or individuals without assigning any reason whatsoever.

  4. A physical preview is arranged days just before the auction at B&H’s Preview Hall and or at other venues nationally and internationally, as decided based on the contents of the sale, to enable all prospective buyers to examine the lots first-hand. In exceptional circumstances arrangements may be made to view items by appointment. Our specialists will be on hand during the preview to guide prospective buyers.

  5. It is the responsibility of the buyer to fully assure himself of the validity of the description of the property and its condition before the auction (please refer to clause 3 under Terms & Conditions of Sale for complete details).

  6. Anyone may bid on a lot (s) or item(s) provided he/she has pre-registered (please see ‘Registration’ under Terms & Conditions of Sale).

  7. A lot is considered sold at an auction to that bidder who makes the highest and final bid prior to the fall of the auctioneer’s gavel. This forms a binding contract between the Seller (represented by the Auction House) and the buyer. Should there be a dispute, which may only be entertained immediately after the fall of the gavel, the auctioneer’s decision shall be final.

  8. After winning the bid, the buyer will have to pay B&H the hammer price in full in addition to which he/she will also have to pay a buyers premium of 17% upto a value of Indian Rupees 1 (One) Crore and 14% on the excess thereafter, calculated on the hammer price. Foreign nationals are charged 18% and 15% respectively.

  9. There may also be applicable sales taxes that can be variable according to the item/s involved and the state/province/country in which the auction takes place.

  10. B&H can advise on the packing, insurance and delivery of the bought item/s, through its known partners. However, this is the responsibility of the buyer alone and B&H can only facilitate the same.