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key People

  • M. Maher Dadha

    Hailing from the illustrious Dadha family, with its roots in Phalodi, Jodhpur District (Marwar State, Rajasthan), Maher is the youngest son of the late business tycoon L. Milapchand Dadha and grandson of the legendary S. Lalchand Dadha. Following his father’s tragic death in a plane crash in Bombay in 1976, he was entrusted with the early responsibility of spearheading the group’s foray into diverse new-era businesses ranging from a Gems & Jewellery Trading Corporation to a Safe Deposit Lockers facility and a Sisal Fibre &Manila Ropes plant to a Greenfield Reclaim Rubber unit, besides serving on the board of the flagship company ‘Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Ltd.’ After the Group decided to exit the reclaim rubber business, Maher, proudly aware of his family’s distinguished background yet certain that he wanted to experience a life beyond running industries, decided to nurture his long-standing fascination for arts and antiques that had developed when he was travelling extensively in the country visiting major royal houses to source gems and jewellery way back in 1974.

    Thus, the desire to share the knowledge with admirers, collectors and connoisseurs took precedence above all else while at the same time presenting a unique business opportunity. Hence, along with the support of his wife Madhu, a law graduate, he started giving shape to an establishment that patronized old paintings, lithographs, antiquarian books, artifacts, etc. Subsequently, from 1992, he has been successfully running the well-known gallery Dukan - FineArt & Antiques in Bangalore and has also published a book titled ‘Views of India –Art of the British Raj’ which is a reference on antiquarian prints, maps and books, for first-time buyers and collectors alike, specifically covering the work of British artists in India.

    To quote him from an interview given to a magazine: “Antiques and Works of Art have a legacy behind them, speaking of love of life and beauty. These pieces of devoted work bring us closer to culture and heritage”.

    Thus, after more than three-decades in the trade, his passion remains undiminished if not greater and since 2007 he has been at the helm of affairs in establishing Bid & Hammer as India’s Pioneer homegrown Multi-Category Auction House striving to service every type of collector.

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  • Ankush Dadha

    Ankush is an alumnus of Bishop Cotton Boys' School, Bangalore. His early education there was followed by a degree in Economics & Finance from the University of York,England. A period in stock trading was ensued by a stint in market research with IMRB (Millward Brown India), New Delhi.

    Profoundly influenced by the art environment he grew up in, besides having dabbled as a musician he frequented various auctions and trade fairs whilst at university and has been involved with Bid & Hammer right from its inception. Having overseen the sourcing, research, cataloguing, marketing & various other aspects of the business, as a Director, he brings to the board his astute understanding of this business model in India and coupled with his management skills handles the day to day running of the auction house.

  • Apoorva Dadha

    Apoorva's early education at Bishop Cotton's and Christ College, Bangalore, was followed by his Bachelor's degree from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. Besides being involved in the running of a greenfield Bio-Fuels unit, owing to the family's background he has a keen interest in art & antiques as well and wholeheartedly contributes to the running of the auction business too.

  • His Highness Gaj Singh II
    Maharaja of Jodhpur

    His Highness is the thirty-eighth head of the Rathore clan of the Rajputs of Marwar. Simply known as ‘Bapji’ (father) to subjects, clansmen, friends and relatives, he was four years old when he succeeded to the Gaddi (throne) of Jodhpur. He is considered by his people to be the social and cultural head of Jodhpur, a fount of patronage and the custodian of her fabulous riches –forts, palaces, havelis, manuscripts, paintings, costumes, weapons and jewellery. Amongst its many precious heirlooms this clan counts foremost the sandalwood throne of Kanauj (now on display at the Junagarh Fort, Bikaner), the oldest piece of Indian furniture and to the Rathore, his only existing link with his ancestors of Kanauj, including Jaichand, who was, until 1194, the most powerful ruler in northern India. His Highness's seven hundred year-old traditions and history has seen much change and his clan's martial chivalry has experienced the Mughals, Marathas and the British.

    He was born during the transition to independent India and is now an intrinsic and important part of modern India. He was eight years old when he went to Cothill House Prep in Oxfordshire. He was thirteen when he moved on to Eton. He studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at Christ Church, Oxford.

    Following a period in politics his activities have covered a wide range of social and cultural life. He served as the Indian High Commissioner to the West Indies from1978-1980. He was elected (unopposed) member of the Upper House (Rajya Sabha) of the Indian Parliament from 1990-1992. As Convener of the Marwar regional chapter of INTACH, he has pioneered architectural conservation and restored many historical buildings in Marwar. In 2006, he received the Hadrian Award given by the World Monument Fund. As head of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature in Rajasthan, he has done much to raise the level of awareness amongst his people.

    His own trusts are very active. The Meherangarh Museum Trust maintains the finest fort museum in India. It is also a lively centre of academic research. The religious trust continues to support many temples in the city. The educational trust runs and supports a number of schools. The medical trust runs a free hospital in the walled city and regularly organizes medical camps in the villages. Another trust cares for ex-soldiers, war widows and their children. He is Founder-Patron of the Jodhpur Polo and Equestrian Institute and also the Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF). The bi-annual Jodhpur One World Retreat is a personal initiative to raise funds and improve head injury prevention and care in India.

    He is actively involved in the hotels and tourism industrytoo. He was Chairman of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporationfrom 1994-1998. He is Founder-President of theIndian Heritage Hotels Association, Jaipurand Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpuris now one of the finest hotels in the world.

    As a reknown patron of the arts, he was on the advisory board of Sothebys India and also Osians, following which he has been on Bid & Hammer’s Advisory Panel since inception.

    His Highnessis widely respected as a symbol of continuity and an instrument for ordered change. He weds the past and the present, the traditional and the modern, with consummate skill and panache.

  • Charu Sharma

    An alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer and St. Stephens College, New Delhi, Charu went on to Davidson College, North Carolina, USA to complete his post-graduation. However, Charu began competing in sporting events at a very young age and was a six-time junior national springboard diving champion (1970-76), a school and college captain in diving, swimming, water polo and gymnastics, an all India inter university diving champion from1976-79, bronze medalist at the National Springboard diving championship (1978) and qualified for the Commonwealth Games, in Edmonton, Canada (1978).

    He started his sports broadcasting career in 1982 at the IX Asian Games for the National Network of India and carried on to become the most respected multi-sports television commentator & anchor of the country. His versatility and knowledge about various sports can be gauged from the vast repertoire of national and international events that he has commentated on and presented for various channels. These include cricket, swimming, diving, water polo, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, motor sports, boxing, golf, sailing, badminton, tennis, athletics, billiards, kabaddi, gymnastics and chess.

    A television personality and the brains behind the Pro-Kabbadi League, Charu is a reknown cricket commentator, sports anchor, sports management consultant and voice over professional.He regularly hosts liveaward shows, corporate events and contributes to teamwork and leadership seminars. An avid art-collector, he has been with us as an auctioneer and business development strategist.

  • Bob Hayton

    Bob Hayton is a professionally qualified Auctioneer and Valuer with more than 30 years standing, well known for his work in the field of Fine Arts and Chattels within the UK. He has also advised on and conducted auctions in Europe and UAE (Dubai) besides Bid & Hammer’s auctions in India including the Hockey India League players auction in December 2012 that went on for over 10 hours. Bob is essentially a 'Generalist' but with special interests and expertise in the fields of Silver and Furniture. As theUK representative of Bid & Hammer, with his vast knowledge and experience, Bob plays a vital part in assisting us internationally as well.