Maher Dadha

M. Maher Dadha14 Hailing from the illustrious Dadha family, with its roots in Phalodi, Jodhpur District (Marwar State, Rajasthan), Maher is the youngest son of the late business tycoon L. Milapchand Dadha and grandson of the legendary S. Lalchand Dadha. Following his father’s tragic death in a plane crash in Bombay in 1976, he was entrusted with the early responsibility of spearheading the group’s foray into diverse new-era businesses ranging from a Gems & Jewellery Trading Corporation to a Safe Deposit Lockers facility and a Sisal Fibre &Manila Ropes plant to a Greenfield Reclaim Rubber unit, besides serving on the board of the flagship company ‘Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Ltd.’ After the Group decided to exit the reclaim rubber business, Maher, proudly aware of his family’s distinguished background yet certain that he wanted to experience a life beyond running industries, decided to nurture his long-standing fascination for arts and antiques that had developed when he was travelling extensively in the country visiting major royal houses to source gems and jewellery way back in 1974.

Thus, the desire to share the knowledge with admirers, collectors and connoisseurs took precedence above all else while at the same time presenting a unique business opportunity. Hence, along with the support of his wife Madhu, a law graduate, he started giving shape to an establishment that patronized old paintings, lithographs, antiquarian books, artifacts, etc. Subsequently, from 1992, he has been successfully running the well-known gallery Dukan – FineArt & Antiques in Bangalore and has also published a book titled ‘Views of India –Art of the British Raj’ which is a reference on antiquarian prints, maps and books, for first-time buyers and collectors alike, specifically covering the work of British artists in India.

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