$ 45 - $ 75
    Auction Ended

    Publisher: Sudhansu Sekhar Ghosh, Vishva-Bharati
    Year: 1951 Binding: Paperback

    $ 3,000 - $ 4,500
    Auction Ended

    Author: M F Husain
    Publisher: Published by Gallerie 88, Kolkata and Others
    Year: 2003
    Details: Signed Husain 004
    Binding: Hardcover

    $ 1,875 - $ 2,250
    Auction Ended

    By Karl Khandalavala
    Bombay: New Book Co., 1945
    Pp 71 + frontispiece portrait + 20 full-page tipped-in colour plates at the end + 3 tipped-in colour plates in the text + 5 tipped-in monochrome plates in the text + 8 monochrome plates at the end and numerous line drawings in the text including some full page. Beige full-cloth binding with spine a little ragged. Title, author’s name and reproduction of a painting by Sher-Gil embossed on cove in red.

  • ART & CINEMA, GAJA Gamini
    $ 450 - $ 600
    Auction Ended

    Author: M F Husain
    Publisher: Archer, Ahmedabad and jointly published by Madhuri-McBull Creation
    Year: 1997
    Details: The copy number of this limited edition book is 41. Signed Husain 004.
    Binding: Hardcover

    $ 75 - $ 105
    Auction Ended

    Publisher: B.C. Sanyal, Lalit Kala Akademi
    Year: 1987 Details: Book with 20 colour plates Binding: Hardcover

    $ 1,500 - $ 1,875
    Auction Ended

    Thirty-nine Plates in all – Thirty-four Plates in colour and two pencil drawings, three monochromes Foreword by Dr. James H. Cousins/
    Introduction and critical annotations by Mrs. Razia Siraj-ud-Din
    Lahore (India): Jahangir Book Club, Chabuk Sawaran

    No date but c. 1940 and First Edition thus Pp 24 + 39 tipped-in plates with tissue guards carrying the title Paper-covered boards with title-ticket pasted on cover and with the remnants of a fragile dustjacket, which is rarely to be found in the case of the first edition.

    Thirty-five plates in all – Twenty-seven in colours and the rest in monochromes Foreword by Dr Tara Chand/ Introduction and notes by Principal S. Kashmira Singh
    New Delhi: Dhoomi Mal Dharam Das, 1951 Pp 21 + 35 full-page tipped plates with tissue guards carrying extensive commentaries

    In addition there are 8 small b&w tipped-in plates based on Chughtai’s line drawings in the Introduction
    The text also has one-page note by Chughtai and one-page note by the Publisher Bound in black rexine with a b&w line drawing and the title-ticket pasted on cover and with damaged dustjacket which is rarely to be found.

    $ 2,250 - $ 2,625
    Auction Ended

    A selection of Books on Souza (10 No)


    By Edwin Mullins

    London: Anthony Blond, 1962

    pp. 108 with 66 full-page colour & b&w plates and 24 line drawings

    Dimension: 23 x 22 Cms

    Grey cloth binding with title embossed in black on cover and spine. Lacks dustjacket.

    Condition: Good. Frontispiece [a combo of 12 photographs of Souza] cut and pasted on front free endpaper, back endpaper lacking.

    The essay extends to 45 pages and there is a 3-page list of collectors at the end. The first and seminal biography and appreciation of Souza written soon after he had established himself in London and written by a close friend and critic

    INNER CIRCLE by Jerzy Peterkiewicz [a novel]

    Illustrated by F. N. SOUZA

    London: Macmillan, 1965

    pp. 186 + 27 full-page line drawings by Souza

    Dimension: 21 x 13 Cms.

    Green papercovered boards with dustjacket carrying a Souza painting

    Condition: Fine. Dustjacket has a small waterstain and a tiny tear on the back

    F. N. SOUZA: RELIGION AND EROTICA – Early Religious and Erotic Drawings from the Estate of F. N. Souza

    Preface by George Melly

    Edition limited to 2000 copies

    London: Barklem.com Print & Publishing, 2005

    pp. 88 with 74 full-page line drawings [3 of them double-page]

    Has a one-page previously unpublished poem by Souza titled ‘Mother

    of God’, biographical notes and bibliography

    Stiff card with dustjacket

    Condition: Fine

    A scarce book

    Springtime 3 – An Anthology of Prose and Poetry, published in London by Peter Owen

    Carries a 4-page story titled ‘LAZARUS’ by F. N. SOUZA A 128-page anthology issued in hardback which also has contributions by Nissim Ezekiel, Mervyn Peake, Muriel Spark, Peter Levi and P. Lal No date [c. 1960]

    Condition: Original white boards, spine discoloured, lacks dustjacket

    Encounter, February 1955 issue of magazine edited by Stephen Spender and published in London Has the famous, much-quoted and seminal essay by F. N. SOUZA titled ‘NIRVANA OF A MAGGOT’. The 7-page essay has 5 illustrations by Souza.

    Encounter, October 1962 issue of magazine edited by Stephen Spender and published in London Has 5 illustrations by F. N. SOUZA to go with Aldous Huxley’s essay ‘Unpainted Landscapes’.

    The Studio, November 1961 issue of magazine published from London Has a 4-page essay on F. N. SOUZA titled THE IMAGE AND SOUZA by G. M. Butcher with reproductions of 5 paintings by Souza, including one full-page in colour

    Studio International, April 1964 issue of magazine published in London Has a 6-page essay titled F. N. SOUZA THE HUMAN AND THE DIVINE by Mervyn Levy, with 8 illustrations. Six of these are photographs of Souza explaining his technique of painting large-scale works with the help of a specially-designed projector. The cover of the issue also has a Souza painting and the contents page carries his portrait.

    Studio International, May 1966 issue of magazine published in London Has a 3-page commentary titled SOUZA/ GEOFFREY/ RAO by Cyril Barrett with two large illustrations of Souza’s works. The other two artists discussed are Iqbal Geoffrey of Pakistan and Rama Rao.

    $ 30 - $ 60
    Auction Ended

    Publisher:Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
    Year: 1964, reprint 1986 Details: From the Lalit Kala Series of Contemporary Indian Art Binding: Paperback

    $ 1,875 - $ 2,250
    Auction Ended

    Colombo: George Keyt Foundation, April 2001
    Pp xiv, 184
    Dimension: 30 x 29 Cms.
    Writings on and by Keyt, Portfolio of paintings [pp. 57-110], memorabilia, bio-biliography [1923-1988], murals, essay by his daughter Diana Keyt, obituaries etc.
    The book is bound in Bangladeshi jute with Keyt’s signatures blown up and printed on cover in black and with a fine dustjacket. Has a very large number of Keyt’s paintings and photographs Condition: Very Good
    2. GEORGE KEYT DRAWINGS Edited, with an Introduction and a Descriptive Catalogue, by H. A. I. Goonetileke
    Colombo: George Keyt Foundation, 1990
    LIMITED EDITION of 1000 copies
    pp. 91 with 236 illustrations
    dimension: 30 x 21.5 Cms
    Bound in white handwoven cloth with a Keyt sketch printed in maroon on cover and with a fine dustjacket
    Condition: Very Good
    Unnumbered copy of a limited edition of 1000
    By Sunil Goonasekera
    Kandy, Sri Lanka: Institute of Fundamental Studies LIMITED EDITION of 1000 copies
    pp. 160 with numerous colour and b&w plates
    Dimension: 28 x 23 Cms.
    Green cloth binding with fine dustjacket
    Condition: Very Good
    A 90th birthday tribute to Keyt covering his career up to 1970s
    4. Arts of Asia, January-February 1973 issue published from Hong Kong Has an 8-page essay titled GEORGE KEYT – THE INDIAN ETHOS IN A CEYLONESE STUDIO by H. A. I. Goonetileke with 12 illustrations including 2 photographs of Keyt and the rest his paintings. The cover also carries a painting by Keyt.
    5. Orientations, July 1976 issue published from Hong Kong Has a 12-page essay titled GEORGE KEYT: BREAKING WITH TRADITION by Ellen Dissanayake with 17 illustrations including his portrait and paintings by him.

    $ 450 - $ 600
    Auction Ended

    By Nicholas Roerich
    With illustrations from his paintings
    Bombay: Nalanda Publications/ London: David Marlowe Ltd, June 1947
    pp. 176 + colour frontispiece + 1 colour and 22 monochrome plates tipped in across the text
    Paper-covered boards with title printed on cover and cloth spine
    The last book by the great painter, traveller and mystic, published 6 months before his death

  • Husain
    $ 300 - $ 450
    Auction Ended

    Author: Dr Daniel Herwitz
    Publisher: Tata Steel
    Year: 1998
    Details: This book was conceived and designed by the artist himself and is signed Bombay ’81. It contains paintings of Husain ranging from 1928 to 1988. Printed at Tata Press and photographed by Mustafa Husain.
    Binding: Hardcover
    Number of Pages: 285

    $ 1,500 - $ 1,875
    Auction Ended

    By Ordhendra Coomar Gangoly [Modern Indian Artists, Volume One] Calcutta: H. Mukhurji at the Clive Press No date [c. 1922] pp. 42 + 5 colour plates [one folding] and 21 photogravures, each with tissue guard bearing the title in red
    Printed on handmade paper and bound in grey paper-covered boards with parchment spine. Sepia portrait of Mazumdar passted on cover with the title embossed in gilt. The oilpaper cover announces three further volumes in the series of which only the one on Haldar was printed when the series ended. Title partly printed in red. Dedicated to Abanindra Nath Tagore with a 3-stanza Sanskrit poem printed in red. Contained in a cardboard box as issued with the box spine carrying the title-ticket.
    No. 100 of a limited edition of 300 copies

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