[Sale 0007(Significant Indian Paintings)] Lot 36Artist: F.N. SOUZA


Oil on Canvas,
Signed top Right 1972 and on reverse Francis Newton ’72

A very unique work of Francis Newton Souza, where he has deviated entirely from his set style of painting. The artist is paying Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore (in all probability a special commission) and in order to execute a work of art of a protagonist of a stature of no less than Tagore, he has recreated entirely the essence of Tagore. The entire canvas is a reminiscence of the artist that Tagore was and hence Souza has incorporated his popular subjects using also his typical style of tonal effect of black and white. The black canvas is dominated with a white silhouette of Rabindranath Tagore with a flowing beard that extends till the base of the canvas. Souza has filled the silhouette with another black one, that of a capped Muslim man, in the style of portrait study done very often by Tagore.A black flowing nude female form emanates corresponding to the beard which infact is the take from Tagore’s favourite subject of Peruvian motifs. Here it is that of two snakes linked together, with one being a snake woman having an impression of a hypnotic eye. In true Tagore style one thing leads to another hence the bird, on the base with its beak soaring high, emerges from the lines of the female silhouette.

The special deviation of Souza from his style, in this signed 1972 painting, is a real tribute of one artist to another making it one of the very significant works ever done throughout his career.

Item condition: Excellent

133 x 46 cms

$ 90,000 - $ 112,500

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