Lot 35[Sale 0017(Contemporary Indian Art & Books)] Lot Closed Artist: Amrita Sher-Gil


Author: Vivan Sundaram
Publisher: Tulika Books
Year: 2001 Details:This is a book of 38 digital photomontages by Vivan Sundaram, with a preface and annotation by the artist-author. These montages are the result of a ‘collaborative’ photographic project: between Umrao Singh Sher-Gil (1870-1954), the ‘essential photographer’ (who took numberous self portraits) and Vivan Sundaram, who orchestrates with a digital wand, archival photographs of the Sher-Gil family. Binding: Paperback Number of Pages: 55

Item condition: Excellent

9.5 in H, 8.5 in H, 0.19 in Depth

$ 30 - $ 60

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